Monday, September 26, 2011

Custom shirts

Jason asked me to make a couple custom shirts, one for each of his boys. I'm not exactly sure of the stories behind each shirt... just created what he asked for! :) This one is for the older son:
I searched high and low for a good embroidery design (applique or fill-stitch) of a sitting howling wolf. No luck! Found one, but it was on a site I had never purchased from, and it gave no info about the design (size, stitch count, thread changes) so I didn't really want to spend the money and discover it was not appropriate for this project. (Side note to digitizers -- please provide this info on your site!!!) Soooooo.... I asked Jason to send me an image of what he was visualizing, and I digitized the silhouette myself.
I added the text (front and back) with Embird Alphabet #2. The soccer balls are from a Band to Bow CD I have (it may be this design?)
For the younger son's shirt, I digitized this rounded rectangle to look like a playing card and added the text (front and back) with Embird Alphabet #14.

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