Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My first attempt at Reverse Applique

Back in April I participated in a challenge where we were supposed to do a design two ways: first using our usual methods/materials/techniques that we are comfortable with, and then a second time thinking outside the box. I chose Planet Applique's Baby Bunny design, I think it's the sweetest little bunny! A couple years ago I made this shirt for my daughter's friend--A pink girl's shirt, using minky for the applique patch. Sweet and soft and just the way the design was meant to be stitched, right?
For my second stitch out, I took the instructions "Do something you haven't ever tried before" seriously! I attempted reverse applique for the first time!
I apologize for not taking pictures of the steps, that's very unlike me. So let me quickly describe what I did:
I hooped stabilizer, applied spray adhesive and laid down a rectangle of the plaid fabric. I ran the placement stitch on top of that, then jumped to all the detail stitching (ears, eyes, nose, pawprint). Then I removed the hoop from my machine and attached the onesie, pinning it in place. Then I went back to my machine and ran the tackdown stitch line 3 times (to kind of give a triple bean stitch look). I completely skipped the satin stitches. I took the onesie out of the hoop, trimmed away the inside of the knit exposing my little blue bunny.
This is a technique I'll have to practice a bit more, but my initial reaction is that it makes doing onesies so much easier! All the detail work is done first, all trimming is done afterwards out of the hoop, and no satin stitches means FAST. It would really only work on one fabric design though... I think...
And in this case some of the detail is lost, like outlining the arms and around the paws, etc. It really gives it a simplistic look which I'm fine with, but something to consider when converting a tradition applique to a reverse applique.
I see more experiments in my future!

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