Thursday, August 23, 2007

Significant Error Fixed!

I have been slowly making progress on Ella's keepsake quilt. I had gotten the piecing and embroidery done, but was dragging my feet with putting on the borders (one of my LEAST favorite parts). Last week I finally got around to it, and returned to JoAnns to buy more of the blue focus fabric, needed for 2 sides of the border and the binding. They no longer had this print. I was totally frustrated. I didn't know it at the time, but this was divine intervention... read on....

I asked Carla what we should do. We decided to see if I could find more online (no luck thus far), as well as what other fabrics from within the quilt JoAnns had. This morning I went by and narrowed it down to two fabrics and decided to double check with Carla before making the purchase. I saw her a bit later, and as we were looking at the quilt with her husband, she gasped and said, "It's S! Reese is spelled with an S!" I had embroidered it wrong! I went back and checked; sure enough, Carla's email said Reese, but at every stage of my design process, I had Reece.

I really didn't like the idea of undoing the border, removing the block, constructing a new block, doing the embroidery again, and piecing the whole thing back together. So this was my solution:
Ella Reece:

An hour later, Ella Ree e:

Five minutes later, Ella Reese!

Ta-da! How's this, Carla?

I'm so thankful Carla noticed at this stage -- I don't know how I would have fixed it after the quilt was finished. So that's why it was divine intervention that JoAnns didn't have that fabric. Otherwise the quilt would have been finished before Carla saw it again! Now, do I venture back to JoAnns to see if that fabric has miraculously reappeared?? ;)

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Tiffany on August 24, 2007 at 10:46 AM said...

Nice catch! I hope you find your fabric but if you don't, it looks like it's such a fun mix of patterns and fabrics that one more different print will not only NOT be out of place, but may mix things up into a fun little whirl even more!





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