Monday, October 13, 2008

Owl Shirt for "theme of the week"

So I have created a monster. I've made reference to this monster before, but last week she appeared again.

In preschool Ms. Susie has various themes for the week (or set of weeks) that are related to the season and the letter she is focusing on. Earlier in the year they spent time talking about apples. I encouraged Annaliese to wear the two apple shirts she has during that time. Well... last week Annaliese informed me that she needed an owl shirt because that was their next unit. :)

For Annaliese's birthday Grandma Kathy sent her several pair of striped leggings that she can wear this fall. So I grabbed a pair of those and went on a hunt to find an owl design and the right color shirt/fabric to make her an owl shirt. The applique owl I picked is from Embroidery Boutique.

I'm pretty pleased with the results. Annaliese thinks it's really cute, so that's what is important.

Kathy asked me if Ms. Susie has a list of her upcoming topics. Thankfully she gave that to parents at the beginning of the year, so now Kathy and I are on a mission to come up with shirt ideas for the rest of the year. Up next is pumpkins, and thankfully her pumpkin dress from last year still fits! I don't think I'll be able to wear my matching shirt this year though... :)

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