Friday, December 19, 2008

Merry Christmas Preschool!

Last week I got all the stitching done for the preschool gifts I wanted to give from either myself or Annaliese, and now it's safe to post pictures!
First of all, we do an ornament gift exchange at the staff Christmas party. I drew Karen's name, and decided to make this Candy Cane Sleigh ornament from Embroidery Garden. Instead of stitching "Believe" as the design comes, I substituted it with her last name (Embird Alphabet #38). The sleigh is designed to actually hold something (probably a folded check or cash). I slipped in a piece of candy. :)


As gifts for Annaliese's teacher and the preschool director, I stitched these towels:

The applique ornament design is from Embroidery Boutique. I added their last names with Embird Alphabet #33, shifting the letters up and down to mimic the wave in the ornament. Annaliese picked who got each towel color as well as the fabrics (with a bit of guidance) and I thought they turned out nice!

Finally, as a little favor for all of Annaliese's classmates and the whole staff, I made these personalized stockings.

They are designed to be gift card holders (from A Design by Lyn), but I just slipped some chocolate inside. I added the names with Embird Alphabet #8. As usual, I have a hard time photographing red items, so believe me they look cuter in person. Here's a close-up of Annaliese's. She insisted on having a new one even though she has one from Grandma and at least one from last year when I made them.

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