Friday, May 18, 2007

Today's Shirts

Today I spent Annaliese's nap time embroidering shirts!

The first is a T-shirt for Annaliese. Earlier in the week we bought a cute white skirt, so I decided to use all white for this lacy monogram A. I used a metallic thread for her name. That was a booger to work with -- the thread broke at least 5 times! Maybe I need to change some settings...? Anyway, it washed well. On Sunday I'll get a picture of Annaliese modeling it.

Next is a hand-me-down shirt that I decided to add an image to. Annaliese selected the kite design (of a couple options). I found threads that matched the stitching on the sleeves (as best possible with my small selection). It turned out cute and maybe now she'll be more excited about wearing it!

The final one is a gift for Grant's first birthday. I've had a hard time deciding what to put on his shirt, but today I found a free bubble design which is perfect because his nickname is Bubbles!! My only regret is that I picked a shirt with navy accents, not realizing I don't own any navy thread yet. :( But it's cute anyway. Hopefully he and his mommy Carla will like it!

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Carla on May 22, 2007 at 12:55 PM said...

We love Grant's "bubble shirt. He looks too cute in it!





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