Sunday, November 4, 2007

Shower Gifts for Tori's Twins

Tori recently had her boy/girl twins, and today was her baby shower with the women at Timberlane CoC. Several weeks back Melissa commissioned me to make a diaper bag like my rag-style purse. She wanted girl colored fabrics on one side and boy fabrics on the other. I found a cute print and picked out a blue and pink calico that would match. I monogrammed the babies' initials on each side.

The inside features several pockets. Two are the right size for a wipes container and a small stack of diapers. I hope the two on the ends hold bottles... I don't have any laying around here to check, but Annaliese's platex cups fit!

Even if it isn't the most functional diaper bag early on, Tori will be toting stuff for her twins for several years to come!

Melissa and a few others went in together to get the bag and fill it with lots of good stuff. I decided I needed to make a few more personalize items to coordinate. I did two pacifier clips, which I posted earlier, and these two burp cloths. The applique star design came from The Embroidery Market (actually I think it was a freebie from the yahoo group). I used the same fabrics as in the diaper bag and variegated threads for the satin stitch. The text was added with Embird Alphabet #2, and I used the same thread color as their monograms on the bag.

It turned out to be a nice ensemble.

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