Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Harold, you're gonna love this, AND I MEAN IT!

After successfully making several inserts for the Dollar Tree mugs, I decided to make one for my father-in-law Harold, but using the nice clear travel mugs available at Target. I found great fabric that looks like steam swirls on coffee-colored background. I searched Sew Forum for a design to go with my text "Harold's Starter Fluid" and found a car themed design that stitched perfectly. I was tickled pink. UNTIL I tried to put the insert in the silly cup. I had read from several other crafters that it was difficult to do with this mug, but it was nearly impossible!! It took me well over an hour. I was determined to get it in, but at 12:15AM I had to give up and finish the next morning. It was a battle of wills between me and the cup, and I won, but with casualties. The strategy that eventually worked (slowly but surely) was to use straight pins to push the embroidery under the lip of the clear plastic. I broke at least 7 straight pins doing it, and my index finger was sore for days! Once I healed, I determined it was worth the effort. And I'm pretty confident his enthusiasm this morning was genuine!

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