Friday, October 29, 2010

Monkey Shirts!

We love monkeys at our house. We picked a monkey theme for Dashiell's room when he was born. We've extended that theme to the kids' bathroom and have monkey accessories. (Someday they will have cool matching hooded towels with monkey designs, but alas, that day still hasn't arrived.) Annaliese was thrilled to discover at orientation that her first grade class was going to be the McCarty Monkeys. So imagine my excitement when I got to test these ADORABLE applique design from Lynnie Pinnie!!!  They are now available, AND on sale, so go get them!
Annaliese got the 5x7 Girl Monkey Applique design. (You can read more about the oh so perfectly colored bow here.)

Dashiell got the 4x4 Boy Monkey Applique design.  I love that little tuft of hair on top!

Both kids loved their shirts. Dashiell has named his George. :) It was a challenge to get a good picture of the two of them together. First of all, D thought Superman and Pooh needed to be in the shot:
I could not get Dashiell to sit still in front of that wall.  So I thought maybe he'd think it was fun to sit under the table on the opposite wall. He did, but he wanted to sit in Annaliese's lap.  Sweet, but I can't see her shirt...
Then Annaliese and I thought maybe he'd make a monkey face and we could get a silly picture.  No such luck.

I gave up. Here are a couple cute individual shots. This is what Dashiell does when you say, "Smile!" It's so adorable and I laugh every time. His vocabulary is pretty good, but for some reason he has blink and smile confused. :)
And my sweet Annaliese.  She was quite concerned about her gum showing in the picture, so just ignore that green stuff in her mouth, I made her smile anyway.
A little later on, I was able to catch them sitting still beside each other. Appropriately, they are watching Curious George. :)

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So amazingly adorable!!





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