Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Annaliese is NINE!

Today my girl is NINE! I can't believe it!
This year we selected Itch2Stitch's Cupcake Box design for her birthday shirt, primarily because it came with a 2.5" version just perfect for an American Girl doll shirt. Color palette was picked to match these shorts.
We contemplated putting a 9 in the cupcake wrapper, but Annaliese decided to go with something more subtle, so we added nine sprinkles to the cupcake. I used Quirky from I2S to add their names.
This doll shirt is from ARB Blanks:
I made Annaliese and Anna's shirts last week, so proud of myself for getting them done early! Over the weekend we went to Build-A-Bear and she made a Rainbow Dash. Once we were home she asked if she had any shirts that matched BAB shirts. Sadly, she's outgrown all the things I made a few years ago when she got her first BAB. So I whipped up a little surprise for her this morning, a "shirt" for Rainbow Dash. :)
I had to be creative, dressing a pony with wings is very different than a traditional teddy bear! I have some 0-3 month side snap shirts in my stash, and thought that would be easy since it wraps around. I cut slits for the wings and tail, and appliqued the cake patch right where her cutie mark is. It's not perfect, but it got the job done. :)
 I have two more of those shirts so you might see some more in the future!

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