Friday, April 12, 2013

Changing plans midstream

Well this "quick" project did not turn out like I originally envisioned, but I think it's even better!
I found this skirt at Walmart for Annaliese and picked up a blank gray shirt to go with it. I decided to just monogram the pocket area, and remembered GG Designs' free multi circles dot frame. I picked 8CP's Madison for the A, grabbed my matching threads and headed to the machine. This was my plan:
As the frame was stitching, I noticed that my stabilizer was shifting. Each of the dots stitched PERFECTLY, there was no issue with the design:
But for whatever reason (fast sloppy hooping?!) my shirt did not stay flat and I got this really poufy center. ACK!
I stopped there, I knew if I stitched the letter on top it would be permanently wrinkled and look terrible. I had to get rid of that excess knit... Reverse applique to the rescue!
I went back to my computer and digitized a small triple bean stitch circle to place inside the dot frame, and changed the size of the A slightly.
I hooped sticky stabilizer, laid down a piece of purple fabric and embroidered the A:
Then I laid the shirt back on top of my hoop, pinning in place, and stitched the triple bean stitch circle. I cut away the poofy knit, revealing smooth monogrammed fabric!
 Woo-hoo! Disaster averted!
I'm thankful that a year ago I read Tasha's blog post about using reverse applique to redeem a project. It came in handy for me on this! Go check it out: New Project: Reverse Applique at The Plaid Pineapple.

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Cindy's Custom Creations on April 12, 2013 at 6:08 PM said...

That is a great rescue! I'll need to remember this!





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