Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My personal graphic designer

It's so nice to be married to someone who can do graphic design! Last night I asked Mr. Carlin Trammel to work on a gift certificate for me. As he worked on that, he created a new logo for me. I've purchased a new domain name and hope to restructure my websites in the near future.

Michelle has ordered several Special Delivery onesies in the past, but has requested a gift certificate for future orders. This will enable her to give the gift of the onesie at a baby shower before the baby arrives. The other great benefit is that it takes away the risk of getting the wrong stats about the baby's birth since mom and dad will be giving all the information to me directly.

I asked Carlin to work something up for me, sharing with him the three photos I wanted included. He created this postcard-like gift certificate, which is perfect for the Special Delivery design.

(Oh, and this gift certificate is available to anyone who wants to give a Special Delivery onesie as a gift!)

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