Thursday, December 6, 2012

Quick little burp cloth

It's kind of ridiculous how much time I can spend getting a design ready to send to my embroidery machine... Finding the perfect design (which usually includes searching for something new I don't already own), picking a font that matches the character of the design *just right*, belaboring my fabric and thread selections... I love doing it, but it always takes so much longer than actually making the item!
So I recently impressed myself with how fast I cranked this out for a last minute request! (Can't say no to your boss as she heads out to meet her brand new granddaughter!) I picked a ribbon I knew I had fabric/thread to match, a "tried and true" font with a pretty L (8CP's Candi), AND I picked a design from my stash (dragonfly plucked from a FSF quilted patch freebie from DIME magazine, not sure if it's available, but FSF has this satin stitch dragonfly applique based on same artwork if you are interested).
Quick and cute!! I really should learn from this and make fast decisions more often. :)

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