Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sweet and simple monogrammed dress

Way back at the beginning of the year when I bought some Monag dresses I got a red one in Annaliese's size, planning to use it this winter for Christmas. However she has gotten quite tall (I just had to buy size 10 jeans for her yesterday, where did my baby go??) and I knew the Monag dress would be too short without legging underneath. By the time I got around to buying some, I decided to shoot for a winter theme instead of Christmas. I happened upon these cute leggings at Gymboree. With the snowflakes and hearts it's perfect for wearing December-February (and beyond if it's cool enough)!
My creative juices were running dry, so I used it as an opportunity to give 8CP's Jingle font a try. I plucked the snowflakes off one of LP's "Little Hoops" designs and the hearts off of LP's Simple Hearts on a Clothesline design to scatter around as a frame.
Sweet and simple!
IF I had waited a few weeks longer, I would have used this new design from Original Stitches, which would have been PERFECT! I may just have to find a shirt to match these leggings and give it a go!

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