Sunday, December 16, 2012


My boy will turn FOUR this week. I can't believe it!
Today we had a little birthday gathering of his buddies, so of course he needed a special shirt. :)
I enlisted the help of two wonderful people. First, my ubber creative husband, Carlin Trammel. We wanted to continue the superhero-inspired design ideas we have used for Dashiell's birthdays in the past. Simply using the Fantastic Four logo was way too obvious. We needed something more unique and decided to keep it in the DC Comics family.
In 2010 we had Two-perman, 2011 brought us Boy Wonder, and this year let me introduce THE 4LASH!
Carlin drew a Flash-inspired emblem, but made the bolt look like a 4. I love it!!
I digitized the Two-perman logo, and it turned out fine. When I gave this one a go, my points were blunted and I just couldn't figure out how to make them look right. (Some points were blunted on Two-perman, but I guess I didn't care as much then as I do now.) I asked my friend Julie for tips, but instead she volunteered to do it for me. She whipped it out so fast! It's perfect! Thank you!!
We had a fun little gathering. After lunch we had yummy cupcakes that my husband decorated:
We ran around outside, appropriate for my little Flash:
And here he is with big sister, appropriately wearing her Alice in Wonderland "It's my Unbirthday" shirt :)

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