Monday, April 18, 2011

Promote Your Brand with Adorable Kids!

My husband recently started working for Onyx Group. Last week he got his hands on the digitized logo and sent it my way. I was anxious to test stitch the design, so guess who got a new t-shirt!!
(Special thanks to Sarah for letting me use this picture!)
The embroidery design is actually the pocket logo for adult shirts, but it looks great centered on a 2T shirt!
The Onyx shirts also include a tiny version of their signature dot on the back below the collar, so I added that to Dashiell's shirt, too.
I took Dashiell by the office wearing his new shirt -- he was quite the hit. Everyone loved seeing a 2 year old wear their brand. :)  While there I confirmed that it was alright for me to play around with the design and another idea, because I knew what was next...
When Annaliese saw Dashiell's shirt, her first question was, "Where did he get that?" It was quickly followed up with, "I want one, too!"
I felt like for a size 7 shirt though, the logo was too small to be centered and too big to be in the pocket area. So I decided to create an applique design of the Onyx dot and use the already-digitized name in the center, just like their logo:

 We were all pleased with the results!
And here they both are, showing off the back:
Now I just need to be sure they have Daddy's business card in their pocket so when someone asks, "What is Onyx?" they can whip one out. :)

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