Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Winter Apron

I've already shared the fall apron I made for our beloved Ms Cherri -- a sock monkey with a pumpkin. For winter I wanted to do a sock monkey with a snowman. Even though I literally have over 100 applique sock monkeys from DBJJ, none of them are with a snowman. So I had to get my merge on again. I am quite proud of how this turned out!! It just might be my favorite merge job ever!

The sock monkey is from the Christmas Sock Monkeys Applique Set. I picked one that was wearing a scarf and stocking cap. Then I searched through all of DBJJ's designs that had a snowman, and settled on the snowman that was part of a Sunbonnet Sam design. Because of course I couldn't just use a snowman that was it's own design, but found a cute one I had to pluck away from another design. ;) That's easier said than done. I had to strategically place him so the monkey's scarf covered the missing stitches that were covered by Sam's hand. And then I removed the monkey's left hand that would be behind the snowman. And rearranged the stitch order on some of it. And did some creative trimming in the hoop! It turned out great!!! But I'd never want anyone to view my cobbled together design in software. ;)
I hope by picking pink and lime instead of red and green this will work beyond Christmas and into January. Because you know we get so much snow here in Florida! Ha!

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