Thursday, December 19, 2013

Man of 5teel

Today my little man is FIVE! I'm not going to dwell on it much because I might cry. So let's talk about his shirt!
This kid is way into superheroes and has been his whole life. With the exception of his first birthday I have made a superhero themed shirt for all of his previous birthdays: Two-perman, Boy Wond3r, The 4lash, and now let me introduce you to my little Man of 5teel!!
We went back to Superman. We brainstormed all year for a different superhero to create a five emblem out of, but just couldn't think of anything. The reality is he LOVES Superman, was getting a Superman Imaginext set for his birthday, Man of Steel came out this year (not that he's seen it...) and frankly, an S looks a lot like a 5! Ha!
I digitized this myself using the same style as his Batman Beyond shirt (and the Super Seven shirt I made for Sean). I tacked down knit with a triple bean stitch, and trimmed leaving a raw edge exposed. Gotta love a design with a 4 minute stitch time!!
I based the emblem after the most recent Man of Steel symbol, but drew it to look a bit more like a five.
I was pleased with the results, and he loves it, which is the most important part. :)  He's a super kid and I'm thrilled he's mine!

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