Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Branding a Bathroom

My dad grew up on a wheat and cattle ranch in Kansas. Post grad school he spent his entire career as a professor at the University of Illinois. He retired in August and my parents moved back to KS after building a new house on Grandma's lot. Mom asked for my help in decorating their downstairs bathroom, and I was thrilled with her idea!
Even though they don't use it any longer, the 7HC brand is registered in my dad's name. They wanted to incorporate the brand into their bathroom decor, so mom sent me an image of the brand and I digitized it.
When they came to visit after Christmas, the first thing I did was stitch the brand design on some hand towels she brought:

This is a picture of the actual brand:
Annaliese was very curious about branding but my explanations hadn't been sufficient, so she got a nice little education from Granddad himself while they were here about how and why they branded cattle back in "the old days."
My mom is going to make a shower curtain for the bathroom. This is her plan:
So I stitched the brand several times on patches which she will trim down to size and piece into the shower curtain at home.

While here, Mom really liked the frame on the hand towels in one of our bathrooms, so I made a couple patches for her which I think she plans to applique on bath towels. The swirl frame is from 8 Claws and a Paw.

When Mom is all done with the bathroom, I'll post pictures of the final product. It was so fun helping them create  unique and meaningful decor!

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Tracy on January 6, 2011 at 12:31 AM said...

Again, I love it! I love hearing farm stories too and used to make my mamaw and papaw tell me about life on the farm.





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