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"My Miss Susie Inspired Wardrobe"

This past year in preschool Annaliese's teacher Miss Susie taught units based on the season and the letter of the week. At the very beginning of the year she read "Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See?" when they talked about the letter B. They studied apples while learning about the letter A. Annaliese already had shirts with a brown bear and an apple, so I encouraged her to wear them those weeks.

A few weeks later when they were preparing to study Owls, Annaliese requested a shirt with an Owl on it. At that moment Grandma Kathy and I decided to make a shirt for each topic for the remainder of the year. There were times we were frustrated with ourselves for making this decision, but now that it's over, I'm glad we did it. It was a fun challenge to find the perfect designs and provided lots of inspiration for our stitching! By combining our efforts Annaliese had something to wear for 22 of the 26 letters. R, S, and M were themes covered before doing Owls, and X... well I just ran out of steam at the end of the year.

As a thank you gift I made a scrapbook for Miss Susie. Before handing it over, Carlin scanned each page and has created a digital version of the scrapbook. I now present it to you to flip through!

WHEW! What an undertaking! Annaliese has already been told we will NOT be doing this again for Kindergarten. :)
I eventually plan to make a t-shirt quilt for Annaliese with all the stuff Kathy and I have stitched for her. But I'm not cutting these shirts up yet! Annaliese's buddy Kenzie will probably be in Miss Susie's class this coming fall. We plan to loan her the themed shirts so she too can have a "Miss Susie Inspired Wardrobe"!

If you are interested in design details, I have linked to my original blog posts for the shirts I stitched. For those that Kathy stitched, I've included links to the designs she used.
B is for Brown Bear (and Baby Brother!) by Janay 
A is for Apple by Kathy, design from Pegboard Crafts 
O is for Owl by Janay 
L is for Leaf by Kathy, design from Sew Swell 
P is for Pumpkin by Kathy, design from Needle in a Haystack 
T is for Turkey by Kathy, design from Pegasus Embroidery 
J is for Jesus by Janay 
G is for Gingerbread by Janay 
W is for Winter Woolies by Janay 
Q is for Quilt by Janay 
D is for Dr. Seuss by Kathy 
U is for USA by Janay 
V is for Valentine by Kathy, design from Embroidery Boutique 
H is for Heart by Janay 
F is for Farm by Janay 
Y is for Yellow Duck by Janay 
I is for Insect by Janay 
E is for Easter by Janay 
C is for Cowboy by Kathy, design from Green Bee Designs 
Z is for Zoo by Kathy, applique letters from Five Star Fonts 
N is for Nursery Rhymes by Kathy, design from Designs by JuJu 
K is for Kindergarten! by Janay

2 comments on ""My Miss Susie Inspired Wardrobe""

Annie on April 29, 2010 at 4:24 PM said...

I'm just scrolling through these posts; Mom loved those shirts so much! She thought they were the cutest thing!

On another note, would you have tips on how to make a t-shirt quilt? I'm interested in making one out of my college t-shirts and since I am no seamstress, I'd love some input!

Janay on April 30, 2010 at 1:31 PM said...

I have only made one t-shirt quilt. In case you didn't scroll back far enough to find it, here's the link:
I followed a tutorial online, but I'll have to hunt for it, looks like I didn't include a link in my blog post (shame on me).





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